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So I gots me s’more spam to mah mobile. o.O

Thankfully, it turns out that there is some proper recourse. Thanks to Stefano for pointing me in the right direction. (original post here)

WASPA (or Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association) is the “Industry Body” for Wireless Service Providers in SA. They have a complaints page where you get to submit all the juicy details about how a WASPA (or WASP) has breached the WASPA Code of Conduct.

Perhaps the provider in question gets featured on the complaint reports page – where everyone will see how much they’ve been fined along with a full report of the complaint. This includes WASPA’s investigation and a summary of the communications with the Service Provider concerning the matter. Importantly, its all publicly accessible.

I just wish people actually KNEW about this thing though. I certainly didn’t know that a WASP isn’t just the name of a (usually) flying insect? Yeah – turns out some wasps don’t have wings and are mistaken for ants… go figure.

Back to the topic at hand: Spread the word! And lodge your complaints!

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    Turns out they don’t dawdle!

    Took less than an hour for me to get a reply from WASPA on both of my complaints indicating that they’d taken action. 🙂

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    Although I’d have preferred hefty fines 😉 – the remedial action they offered was
    a) to remove my number from the WASPA member’s database and
    b) to ask a non-WASPA-member to do the same, to which they’ve already replied indicating that they’ve complied.

    The 2 complaints were for separate unrelated SMS’s.

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    Did you know about You can look up who short codes are linked to.

  4. 4

    Nice one drubin, Ive been wandering about this for some time now. 🙂

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