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Monday, October 29th, 2012 | аўтар:

Падобна на тое, што, У бясконцай мудрасці, Google ёсць функцыя бяспекі, якая можа блакаваць прыкладання з доступам або з дапамогай акаўнта Google. Я бачу, як гэта можа быць праблемай для карыстальнікаў Google,, у прыватнасці, іх GTalk і Gmail Карыстачам. У маім выпадку гэта было Піджыны паўсталі праблемы з Балбатаць абслугоўванне (які з'яўляецца тэхнічна часткі GTalk). Я знайшоў рашэнне пасля невялікай капанні. Я быў здзіўлены тым, колькі гадоў гэтае пытанне, і як доўга гэтая функцыя існуе!

Каб разблакаваць уліковы запіс і атрымаць заяўкі ў рэжыме онлайн, выкарыстоўваць Captcha старонцы Google, тут.

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 | аўтар:

Some of you might have noticed issues з MSN/Live‘s servers yesterday. The problem was related to a specific protocol version of MSN. Some IM software have an automatic failover to use a different version of the protocolsbut apparently пиджин (my currentaggregateIM of choice) doesn’t do this by default. Adium (for Mac OS) uses the same libraries (libpurple) as pidgin and was also affected. I’m not sure what other software was affectedhowever pidgin is popular enough that many of my friends thought MSN was completely out of commission.

The easiest short-term solution is to install an alternative MSN protocol library and to switch to it on demand. The long-term solution would be to convince libpurple’s developers to build in a failover facility. I tried out msn-pecan, a plugin which is actually a fork of the built-in MSN protocol library. The plugin appears to be using the slightly older protocol version. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to recompile pidgin to switch between versions.

To adjust, once you’ve installed msn-pecan:

  • Restart pidgin
  • press Ctrl+A or Select Accounts -> Manage Accounts
  • select your MSN account and ensure that it is offline (very likely at the time) by unchecking the tickbox next to the account
  • click [Modify]
  • change theProtocoldrop-down box fromMSN” для “WLM
  • click [Save]
  • click the tickbox again to re-enable the account.

To change it back, do the same, except change the Protocol drop-down back toMSN”.

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 | аўтар:

(20:19:25) A: was playing WoW on Saturday
(20:19:40) B: yea dude
(20:19:44) A: They have chat channels similar to IRC, though its specific to the area you’re in
(20:19:52) B: lol
(20:20:01) B: thats kewl
(20:20:05) A: a guy put inI can like to be wearing… “
(20:20:23) A: so I replieda jean pant
(20:20:28) B: lol
(20:20:50) A: and he repliedof ‘n rokkie
(20:21:00) A: I fell off my chair

Monday, November 17th, 2008 | аўтар:

(xx:55:12) You feel a disturbance in the force
(xx:56:34) заблытаны: Afternoon 🙂
(xx:05:54) anon: HI
(xx:08:19) anon has left the conversation.

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t let Піджыны try to make me Jedi.