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Have you previously realised that www is redundant? If so, I’m preaching to the converted and you can run along back to whatever you were busy with. 😉 Otherwise, stand to attention, soldier!

begin rantish text:

When I’m browsing the web, I’d much less prefer to”. Reason being that if *every* site has to have w’s, what’s the point of the w’s? Not to mention that they’re a bitch to pronounce. There’s 9 syllables in there! You could almost halve that by sayingtriple-w”. I’ve heard people saydub dub dub”. Bleh. Even the World Wide Web Consortium prefers to call themselvesW3C”.

So what exactly is (was?) the point of the www? Der kan være mere i det, men kernen i det synes at være, at når Tim Berners-Lee først skabte hypertekst dokument søgesystem, han kaldte det “Internettet”. Jeg tror, ​​at www blev en standard ikke fordi det gav mening, eller fordi det var en god idé, men fordi det var hyped langt ud over sund respekt det fortjente.

Din webbrowser * ved * du beskæftiger sig med web-indhold alene ved det faktum, at der er en http:// foran url. Derfor sender jeg, www er overflødig.

Brug for mere overbevisende?

Søgemaskiner se og som 2 separate hjemmesider. Fordi begge steder har identisk indhold, søgemaskiner kan sænke din søgning Rankings. Helvede, du ville være konkurrere mod dig selv for placeringer. Silly eksempel: i stedet for 3., du måske være 5th og 7th. For this reason, it is better to either force www or to force no www. I’m in favour of the latter.

If you browse to you will be redirected to Even if you go to the downloads directory of my main domain with a www, you’ll be redirected appropriately. Importantly, search engines will only find one copy of my web site, ikke 2. And in the long run, I’ll be wearing out my w key a li’l less. 🙂

With the possible exception of a few quick deaths, no w’s were hurt during the production of this post.

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    Agrees. I can never remember whether a site has ‘wwwor not, so I always have to google it first then follow the link. It would be way more convenient to remove the ‘www’.

  2. 2

    I agree www is now redundant. Not sure it warrants much attention though.

  3. 3

    Heh. Maybe I was being like General Melchett in Corporal Punishment

    And disobeyed some orders as well.

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