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Torstai, December 24th, 2009 | Kirjailija:

What is it called when:
Despite having visited the same fridge or cupboard less than 2 minutes previously, and having previously also not found something appropriate, you still obsessively open that same fridge or cupboard looking for something.

Sunnuntai, June 14th, 2009 | Kirjailija:

You’re in an intimate relationship with someone. You know that person loves you. That person knows you love them. You’ve said it a thousand times before and today you say it again: “I Love You.

  1. Do you always expect your other half to sayI Love You tooback?
  2. Can you interpret the above as a test of that person’s love?
  3. If your answer to 2 is “kyllä”, why do you need this affirmation?
  4. If your answer to 1 was “ei”:
  • a. What tehdä you expect?
  • b. Why is this?
Keskiviikko, February 04th, 2009 | Kirjailija:

Before everyone panics and gets all freaked-out, everyone’s fine. We’re dinged up a littlebut nothing more serious than bruises. bleh.

Two friends and I were involved in a car accident this morning at about 01:25 am. We had an awesome evening at Gandalfs (lots of gorgeous foosball action) and we were on our way to the first drop-off point in Plumstead. I was the passenger in the front and passenger 2 was in the back seat.

We were travelling down Main Road (South) in Claremont, probably about 150m or so past Stadium on Main, where a sedan taxi (as opposed to the regularkombi“-type taxis South Africa is famous for) made a u-turn in front of us. Our driver didn’t have enough time to react and we collided after our wheels locked.

Passenger 2 has a bad bruise on her left cheek, having collided with the back of my seat. Our driver has a swollen knee as a result of her kneecap having hit the dashboardand an insurance beaurocracy to go through. I have a sore red line from my left shoulder to my right waist as a result of the seatbelt‘s welcome-yet-cursed restraint. I also suspect my neck might soon start to pain as a result of whip-lash. The driver of the taxi reported that he had a sore or bruised shoulder but wasn’t in any major pain.

I took lots of photos on my P1. Honestly, this phone is a major painbut it works okayand the I like the 3.2MP camera part. I lost my stylus in the crash as well. I’m sure its in the car somewhere. I’ll be uploading the photos when I get a chance (done) – and I’ll be editing this post to add lots of appropriate link bait (done) – but that will have to wait as well.

Our driver expressed great regret later this morning at not having made the effort to go to speak to the taxi driver herself. She was in quite a state of shock on the scene and I don’t think she would have been able to make for nice conversation anyway. So, I’m going off to the doctor in a short while to go have a professional give me a thumbs-up. And then I’m going to sleep.

Sunnuntai, 11 tammikuu, 2009 | Kirjailija:

Missä on kissa täsmälleen? Olen nälkäinen.

— Anon (suojella hänen @ 55 alkaen tovereilleen housemates – joka todennäköisesti ei auta takia pois sulkemalla.)

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Perjantai, 9 tammikuu, 2009 | Kirjailija:
Mike's Amazing Cakes

Miken Amazing Cakes

Tiedän useimmat ihmiset, jotka lukevat blogiani eivät juuri tule tänne odottaen sana uskomattomia kakkuja… mutta tämä vetoaa minuun tarpeeksi mainita.

Niille, jotka eivät jo tiedä, Lohikäärmeet ovat fav kaivoksen – mutta joo, Olen nirso niitä liian.

Niin ja olen postitus Charly tästä…

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