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Keskiviikko, 15 huhtikuu, 2009 | Kirjailija:

Jatkona edelliseen post koskevat Amazon, on pulista sisältä Amazon osoittaa, että se oli “häiriö”. Joku ranskan henkilöstön miscategorised sisältöä – mitään “seksuaalinen” oli sen “aikuinen” vähän päällä.

Tämä selittäisi, miksi sosiaalinen oppikirjoja seksuaalisuudesta ja kirjoja vammaisille vaikutti. He myös todenneet, ettei itse asiassa, ei uusia “aikuinen” politiikka. PR mokasi ruhtinaallisesti ei tarvinnut suoraa vastausta. Oliko se häiriö? Oliko se politiikan muutosta? Aiotko muuttaa mieltäsi huomenna?

He vahvistamisesta (tai ovat todennäköisesti kiinteä) puuttuu rankingissa. Tämä vielä kerjää turvautuminen. Mielestäni sen hauska miten he voivat syyttää Ranskan staffer. Ehkä sen kielimuurin asia – En voi olla varma. On vakava huomautus, Olen myös sitä mieltä, sen outoa, että on olemassa ensinnäkin ominaisuus sensuuria joihin heillä ei ole politiikkaa.

Mitä sanotte te?

He maksavat kalliin. On jo uusia määritelmiä netissä Amazon listalla. hehehe.

Lisää osoitteessa Tiede Blogit.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 | Kirjailija:

Some of you may already know that I built a home server not too long ago. I documented some of the very important parts of how it was built though I was planning on releasing all the documentation all at once. I was using Arch Linux and I hadn’t nearly finished everything, especially the documentation. Esimerkiksi, it was supposed to be a media server. After some disk shuffling, it was supposed to end up having a RAID1 for the boot and RAID 10 for the rest (the media part).

This didn’t work out at all.

I got as far as having an efficient (ja hyvinfirewalled) routing gateway server. I was finally satisfied that the customised local routing* was working correctly and I was confident that my tests with DHCP meant I could disable the DHCP service on the flimsy ADSL router and have all my flatmates start using the server as the Internet portti. Sen sijaan: I was logged in to the server from the office, I’d just installed Apache2**, and I was about to consult with a colleague regarding getting nice graphs put together so the flatmates could all see who was using up the bandwidth***when I noticed a little message indicating that the root filesystem had been remounted read-only due to some or other disk failure.

And then I lost my connection to the server.

And then I gained a foul mood.


When I arrived home, I found that, as I had guessed from the descriptive message given at the office, the (hyvin) old 80GB IDE disk that I was using for the root filesystem had failed. Unfortunately, the server would never boot again and there was little chance of prying everything off onto another disk to continue where I’d left off.

I’m buying a replacement (SATA) HDD this next weekend just after pay dayand I’ve changed my mind about documenting my progressand backing up my configurations:

Release Early. Release Often.

* ISPs in South Africa charge less (easy price comparison) forlocal-only” (within South Africa) traffic on ADSL but only if you use an ADSL account that CANNOT access web services outside of South Africa. This means that if you want to take advantage of the reduced costs but still be able to access the Internet at large, you need to set up some sneaky routing.

** one-command-install: ~$ yaourt -S apache

*** Internet Access in SA is expensiveyou get charged about R70 ($7 / £4.9 / €5.46) per GB when using ADSL, or about R2 per MB if using GPRS / 3G.

Tuesday, December 09th, 2008 | Kirjailija:

To fail at failing. I recently came across a discussion where a user was advised to run a fail command. The result was, luckily, as follows:

[user@user-desktop ~]$ cd ~/.Trash; sudo rm -rfv *
lyödä: cd: /home/user/.Trash: No such file or directory
bash: sudo: command not found
[user@user-desktop ~]$

The command cd ~/.Trash Changes the directory (tai present working directory) to the /home/user/.Trash folder. In this case, this folder doesn’t exist and so the pwd stays as /home/user/, the folder where all the user’s files and settings are saved.

The command rm -rfv * removes all files in the pwd. Thevpart indicates that it must show verbose output indicating what is being done during this removal process. The prefixed command sudo (substitute user tehdä) has the command run as root. Thus, had the sudo command been functional, user would have deleted every document he had ever saved in his home folder.

Word of advice from a backup admin: backup often. 😉

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