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Sunday, August 04th, 2013 | otè:

I had a power outage affect my server’s large MD ATAK array. Rather than let the server as a whole be down while waiting for it to complete an fsck, I had it boot without the large array so I could run the fsck manually.

Sepandan, when running it manually I realised I had no way of knowing how far it was and how long it would take to complete. This is especially problematic with such a large array. With a little searching I found the tip of adding the -C parameter when calling fsck. I couldn’t find this in the documentation however: fsckhelp showed no such option.

The option turns out to be ext4-specific, and thus shows a perfectly functional progress bar with a percentage indicator. To find the information, instead offsckhelp” oswa “man fsck”, you have to inputfsck.ext4help” oswa “man fsck.ext4”. 🙂