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Csütörtök, December 24th, 2009 | Szerző:

What is it called when:
Despite having visited the same fridge or cupboard less than 2 minutes previously, and having previously also not found something appropriate, you still obsessively open that same fridge or cupboard looking for something.

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Vasárnap, June 14th, 2009 | Szerző:

You’re in an intimate relationship with someone. You know that person loves you. That person knows you love them. You’ve said it a thousand times before and today you say it again: “I Love You.

  1. Do you always expect your other half to sayI Love You tooback?
  2. Can you interpret the above as a test of that person’s love?
  3. If your answer to 2 jelentése “igen”, why do you need this affirmation?
  4. If your answer to 1 was “nem”:
  • a. What csinál you expect?
  • b. Why is this?
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