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Hari Kamis, March 05th, 2009 | Penulis:

Why is it that we’re so gullible?

I even considered for a whole second that my colleague had cross-checked the following SPAM before posting it on our IRL noticeboard. Please note that the following text originally had really bad-for-your-eyes fonts and colours. 😉

Urgent Warning from
Cell C, Telkomsel & MTN!

[business card of aLegal Representativeof the Special Investigating Unit]

Dear All,
If you receive a phone call on your mobile from any person, saying that, he or she is
a company engineer, or saying that they’re checking your mobile line, and you have
to press # 90 atau #09 or any other number.
End this call immediately without pressing any numbers.
There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 atau #09 they can
access your ‘SIMcard and make calls at your expense.
Forward this message to as many friends as you can, to stop it.
All mobile users pay attention if you receive a phone call and your mobile phone
displays (XALAN) on the screen don’t answer the call, END THE CALL IMMEDIATELY,
if you answer the call, your phone will be infected by a virus..
This virus will erase all IMEI and IMSI information from both your phone and your SIM
card, which will make your phone unable to connect with the telephone network. You
will have to buy a new phone. This information has been confirmed by both Motorola
and Nokia.

The first things that got me thinking was the text denoting authority at the top of the page. Sekarang, bear in mind this is on a noticeboardnot my inbox where my anti-spam senses are at their peak.

Who could possibly have the authority to say they’re sending out a notification on behalf of each of South Africa’s tri-opoly of GSM providers? Okay, so its someSpecialLegal team that sounds government-type. They’re legitit turns outbut they probably don’t have enough time to take my call asking if this is all true. Absolutely everything on the Internet must be true, especially anything I say. 😛

So anyway, now that we’re over the silliness, let’s break this hoax down:

Official Documentation

Bar a business card, which is hardly standard in any industry, there is no official contact information. I’d expect at least a letterhead or a misguided trailing disclaimer.

Presentation and Language

There are actually 2 notices here regarding separate threats however it isn’t obvious without reading the text in full. This is because the paragraphing and grammar are very poor. Government institutions don’t normally issue poorly-worded or paragraphed documentation. Juga, why not issue a separate notification regarding each threat separately?

Dan Lime Green??? bleh

There are no links to further resources

Any warning of this sort would undoubtedly offer further information or advertise the online presence of the institution. Juga, perhaps they’d like for you to give feedback on the situation or maybe they’d like us to report on further suspicious activity. But no. Nothing. Just a specific representative’s business card. What if the guy dies, finds a better job, atau leaves the country?

There is a fraud company … “

This means that they haven’t any clue who it is. This is a broad and passive statement. Question whenever someone saysthey” atau “people who”. Who is thisfraud company”? Where isthere”? And why doesn’t this crack government legal team (who have to use chain mail to spread warnings) let us know through their uber-powerful chain mail network?

Forward this message to as many friends as you can

Saya, oh my. This line has probably been in every chain letter / social engineering virus (my special definition) since sliced bread.

This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia.

They’re trying to prevent you from thinking for yourself and try to verify their claims independently. They’re sayingYou’re stupid to check. We already checked for you. :-D”. Tentu saja, in reality, they’re just trying to take advantage of our gullible nature.

“#90 or #09” dan “XALAN

There isn’t any way for you to verify this. Lagi, question everything. Google’s first page of results is riddled with the wordsCell phone warning hoax”. duh.

If you get a message like the above from your friends, reply and tell them to stop sending spamand maybe give them a link to this page so they know why. 🙂

Jumat, November 21st, 2008 | Penulis:

So I gots me s’more spam to mah mobile. o.O

Thankfully, it turns out that there is some proper recourse. Thanks to Stefano for pointing me in the right direction. (original post di sini)

WASPA (or Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association) is theIndustry Bodyfor Wireless Service Providers in SA. They have a complaints page where you get to submit all the juicy details about how a WASPA (or WASP) has breached the WASPA Code of Conduct.

Perhaps the provider in question gets featured on the complaint reports pagewhere everyone will see how much they’ve been fined along with a full report of the complaint. This includes WASPA’s investigation and a summary of the communications with the Service Provider concerning the matter. Importantly, its all publicly accessible.

I just wish people actually KNEW about this thing though. I certainly didn’t know that a WASP isn’t just the name of a (usually) flying insect? Yeahturns out some wasps don’t have wings and are mistaken for antsgo figure.

Back to the topic at hand: Spread the word! And lodge your complaints!

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Hari Kamis, 13 November, 2008 | Penulis:

Saya tidak menerima banyak spam yang ke ponsel saya. Saya telah menerima sms acak pada kesempatan tentang “khusus” menawarkan dan sebagainya. Seseorang juga pernah sms'd “atas nama saya” ke salah satu larut malam e-tv spesial iklan. Setiap bulan saya menerima pesan menarik memberitahu saya tentang apa yang saya kehilangan. Aku bertanya-tanya meskipun, apakah ada daftar no-kirim saya dapat menambahkan diri untuk di MTN, Telkomsel, atau sel-C?

Dapatkah daftar provider seluler semua perusahaan yang telah mengirimkan sms melalui sistem sms massal pada bulan lalu, misalnya? Dan bisa saya katakan provider selular saya untuk CAN SPAM bahwa tanpa harus mengirim sms biaya saya R7.50 dengan kata “BERHENTI”? [mengedit… Ternyata SMS ini seharusnya akan dikenakan tarif terendah. Terima kasih, Tumbleweed]

Akhirnya, Aku pernah mendengar tentang layanan ini di mana Anda membayar untuk menerima konten terus-menerus. Menerus dalam nya layanan di mana mereka menganggap Anda ingin mereka mengenakan biaya R5 setiap hari untuk mengirimkan sesuatu. Adik saya punya masalah di mana dia pernah airtime. Itu karena dia uang saku mingguan R20 akan ditelan utuh keesokan harinya oleh salah satu dari ini “jasa” yang mengirimnya gambar konyol dan dipotong R10. Dia bisa download gambar yang sama atau mirip dengan menggunakan komputer-nya sekitar 5c menggunakan Google'S pencarian gambar dan aku harus ukuran dan dipotong agar sesuai layar ponsel nya sempurna tanpa distorsi terlihat atau aliasing. Pada saat yang sama, mereka mengklaim hak cipta atas konten yang Lame. Aku berani bertaruh mereka mencuri gambar dari internet itu sendiri tetap.

Pada akhirnya itu lebih mudah baginya untuk mendapatkan nomor prabayar baru. Saya hanya berharap bahwa mereka tidak masih akan mengirim lebih banyak konten untuk siapa pun mendapat nomor lama setelah yang didaur ulang. 😮