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Monday, October 29th, 2012 | Author:

It appears that, in infinite wisdom, Google have a security feature that can block an application from accessing or using your google account. I can see how this might be a problem for Google’s users, in particular their GTalk na Gmail users. In my case it was Pidgin having an issue with the Jabber ọrụ (which is technically part of GTalk). I found the solution after a little digging. I was surprised at how old the issue was and how long this feature has existed!

To unlock the account and get your application online, use Google’s Captcha page here.

Saturday, February 21st, 2009 | Author:

and my Personal Rating (PR) out of 10 😉

I use Firefox so most of these won’t apply to non-FF users. However, I’d be very very interested to hear what other addons my friends, subscribers, and random websurfers find interesting or useful to them. Have your say and let us know why you love the addons you love. 🙂

Personally, I prefer addons that aren’t intrusive. Ideally, an addon must have a minimal interface and give me a measurable benefit for me to keep it installed.

Cacheviewer – 7

This is a GUI front-end for the Cache Firefox keeps of the last few pages and media. I’ve found this addon more interesting than useful right now so I’m probably going to remove it soon.

ColorfulTabs – 9

I love the colours. The tab colour-grouping doesn’t work very well when you reach about 30 tabs though… :-/

Download Statusbar – 10

I prefer having everything in Firefox in a single window in tabs. Having a download box in a separate window is a big no-no for me. It also saves screen real-estate since it is very minimal. 🙂

video DownloadHelper – 10

Video DownloadHelper anya maka nkwanye media – kpọmkwem achọ ọ bụla buru ibu ọdịnaya a na-ebudatara. Mgbe ị pịa akara ngosi, ọ na-egosi gị ihe ugbu a na-na nbudata iyi na-enye gị nhọrọ ndị kwụ n'ahịrị na ya dị ka a “nkịtị” download.

Ebe ọ bụ na ị dịghị mgbe mara ma ọ bụrụ FF na-aga ugboelu ma ọ bụ ike na-aga bee, Ka amasị m na-azọpụta a oyiri m na desktọọpụ na m nwere ike mgbe ahụ na-ele video na-enweghị na-eji ọzọ bandwit ibudata video ọzọ. Ọzọkwa, nọ ọrụ, mgbe ndị mmadụ hapụ m ka m njikọ youtube ma ọ bụ ndị ọzọ na media, M na-emekarị emekpala ekiri ruo ọtụtụ mgbe – na m na-atụrụ ndụ ma ọ bụ n'oge nkwụsịtụ.

Mmebi Canary – 9

A mma n'anya na di ntakiri Adon na Imea na-agwa gị ma ọ bụrụ na SSL akwụkwọ maka saịtị na ị na-ugbu a na-ele na-adịghị anya aga-ekubi ume. Ọ bụrụ na gị onwe gị na saịtị a nwere ihe SSL akwụkwọ, M nwere ike ikwu na ị na-eji nke a Adon na Imea Iji nyere gị na saịtị ahụ si SSL akwụkwọ ekubie ume ruru ka a dị mfe enweghị ngosi ma ọ bụ miscommunication.

Fasterfox – 8

Fasterfox adds some network optmisation options. Some of the options could make your corporate network admin a little mad with you though. 😉

Firebug – 9

N'ihi na web mmepe na experimentation na peeji nke. Awesome maka anwale obere ibe n'ibe nke koodu nakwa dị ka debugging peeji nke.

FoxClocks – 6

errtells you the time in other time zones. o.O Was useful for a short timenow its redundant since my head is working it out faster than I can glance. rm -f

FoxyProxy – 9

Awesome n'ihi eme nchọgharị kpọmkwem peeji site kpọmkwem zighachi akwụkwọ nnọchiteanya sava. This is useful for when some sites are blocked or the SAIX Transparent Proxy servers aren’t working properly. 🙂

M jiri nke a iji ụzọ ụfọdụ okporo ụzọ n'elu zighachi akwụkwọ nnọchiteanya sava na m ga kama na-aga site na ndabara ụzọ gasị. Its also very flexible. Ọ bụrụ na ị nwere ihe karịrị otu zighachi akwụkwọ nnọchiteanya nkesa dị ka onye ị na-emekarị na-eji na mberede na-aga na ntabi, dị nnọọ ịgbanwee n'elu ka etienede. 🙂

Greasemonkey – 10

Right now, I use this only for the GooglemonkeyR script. This script reformats Google‘s search results to your specifications and also has an option to show small thumbnail of the pages Google links to. Greasemonkey can do a lot more and there are plenty of scripts readily available for many many sites.

Live HTTP headers – 8

I’ve used this a few times to diagnose gzip compression issues with IIS web servers. Not much else to say though: It works.

Live PageRank – 10 (so faronly installed it yesterday)

This addon seems simple enough. It gets the PageRank from Google and shows it in the tray.

NoScript – 10

NoScript bụ egwu na igbochi Mgbasaozi. Ya a obere iwe na mbụ ebe ọ bụ na ị ga-whitelist niile saịtị na-amasị gị – but in the long run it is soooo worth it. 🙂

-akpọlite ​​Pages – 10

Nnọọ uru n'ihi na ọ bụrụ na ị na-agagharị na-a na saịtị ma ọ dịịrị ala. Ọ bụrụ na saịtị bụ static-content na-edebere ndị ahụ a na-eme ka ọ dị mfe ngwa ngwa ahụ na ọdịnaya ma ọ bụrụ na ya cached online.

Tab Mix Plus – 8

Awesome for if you have more than 7-or-so tabs.

ShowIP (using a version modified for work purposesdisplays company server’s canonical name when browsing) – 10

I cannot imagine the hell I’d have to go through to identify a server without this plugin. Okay, I can. Used to have to do this all the time. I eventually scripted it but I can’t find the original script. Here’s my 60-second attempt at recreating what was in that script:

$ cat /etc/hosts | grep `dig A $hostname @mycachingnameserver | grep . | grep -v "^;"`
$ dig -x `dig A $hostname @mycachingnameserver | grep ^$hostname | grep A | \
  awk '/[.]/{print $5}'` @mycachingnameserver | grep . | grep -v "^;"

Web Developer – 9

I used this once to diagnose some issues with a page. I don’t do much web development so I’m going to remove this one. Its no comment on its capabilities since I believe this is a top notch add-on if you’re doing a lot of web development work.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008 | Author:

Elle est ma raison d’être.

This is very much the only French phrase longer than 2 words I know (and can pronounce decently). Its also the most meaningful thing I’ve ever said of someone.Who would have thought someone could be so special that you’re willing to set aside everything in your life for them.

P.S. Google doesn’t translate it quite right. Ironically, it translates it correctly back to French.

😛 @ Google

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