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Lunedi, December 29th, 2008 | Autore:

How can someone be so angry and so vicious, to push someone, to push them far beyond where they’ve already told you they’re not willing to venture. And when the buck gets stopped, to then just drop that person and accuse them of the worst.

You’re hurting someone who you should be caring about. Life sucks sometimes. You don’t always get what you want but that doesn’t mean that you have to make other peopleslives miserable.

Build a bridge.

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Sabato, December 27th, 2008 | Autore:

I recently came across this article about how we should be a lot more concerned about alternative medicines than we’ve been. Perhaps I should be more outspoken about this myself. Very few of the people I know actually bother to lobby for the causes they believe in. And it is a shame.

Reiki recently came up at a Geekdinner and it got me into researching some of the other complementary and alternative medicines. Reiki sounds like an elaborate placebo if you ask meand so do a lot of the other alternative medicines. There are some of these which I previously thought were outright legitimate. It seems I should be more skeptical of my own information store.

Some alternative medical avenues into which I believe the modern world needs to do some further scientific sifting:

  • HomeopathyDiluting a substance makes it less harmful but doesn’t make it less beneficial. Bulldust.
  • AcupunctureMeridians e acupuncture points have no contemporary physiological relevance in medicine. This is related to the concepts of Qi in Energy Medicine.
  • Energy MedicineEnergy or Qi fields in the body affect your health. Fixing, breaking, or manipulating the flow of these fields affects the ability of your body to heal itself and fight illness. This boils down to practitioners claiming to perform magic.
  • IridologyThis is for diagnosing illness. Changes in specific parts of your iris indicate where and what type of illness may be affecting your body. How exactly can your eye track illness in your body and give your doctor afix-mewishlist in a colour-by-number format?
Venerdì, November 21st, 2008 | Autore:

So I gots me s’more spam to mah mobile. o.O

Thankfully, it turns out that there is some proper recourse. Thanks to Stefano for pointing me in the right direction. (original post qui)

WASPA (or Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association) is theIndustry Bodyfor Wireless Service Providers in SA. They have a complaints page where you get to submit all the juicy details about how a WASPA (or WASP) has breached the WASPA Code of Conduct.

Perhaps the provider in question gets featured on the complaint reports pagewhere everyone will see how much they’ve been fined along with a full report of the complaint. This includes WASPA’s investigation and a summary of the communications with the Service Provider concerning the matter. Importantly, its all publicly accessible.

I just wish people actually KNEW about this thing though. I certainly didn’t know that a WASP isn’t just the name of a (usually) flying insect? Yeahturns out some wasps don’t have wings and are mistaken per antsgo figure.

Back to the topic at hand: Spread the word! And lodge your complaints!

giovedi, 13 novembre, 2008 | Autore:

Non ricevo molto lo spam al mio cellulare. Occasionalmente ho ricevuto sms casuali su “speciale” offerte e così via. Qualcuno anche una volta ha mandato un sms “da parte mia” a uno di quelli notte fonda e-tv annunci speciali. Ogni mese ricevo un messaggio allettante che mi informa su cosa mi sto perdendo. Mi chiedo però, c'è un elenco di non invio a cui posso aggiungermi su MTN, Vodacom, o Cell-C?

Qualsiasi provider di telefonia mobile può elencare tutte le aziende che ti hanno inviato SMS tramite sistemi di sms in blocco nell'ultimo mese, per esempio? E posso dire al mio provider di telefonia mobile di CAN quello SPAM senza dover inviare un SMS che mi costa R7.50 con la parola “FERMARE”? [modifica… si scopre che questo SMS è ipotetico da addebitare alla tariffa più bassa possibile. Grazie, Tumbleweed]

da ultimo, Ho sentito parlare di questi servizi in cui paghi per ricevere contenuti perennemente. Perennemente in quanto è un servizio in cui presumono che tu voglia che ti addebitino R5 ogni giorno per inviarti qualcosa. Mia sorella ha avuto un problema in cui non ha mai avuto tempo di trasmissione. Era perché la sua indennità settimanale R20 sarebbe stata inghiottita per intero il giorno successivo da uno di questi “Servizi” che le ha inviato un'immagine sciocca e ha detratto R10. Potrebbe aver scaricato la stessa immagine o simile utilizzando il suo computer per circa 5c utilizzando Google'S ricerca di immagini e io avrei dimensionato e ritagliato per adattarsi perfettamente allo schermo del telefono senza distorsioni o alias visibili. Allo stesso tempo, rivendicano il copyright sul contenuto che è LAME. Scommetto che comunque stanno rubando le foto da Internet.

In the end it was easier for her to get a new prepaid number. I just hope that they’re not still going to send more content to whoever gets her old number after its recycled. 😮