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木曜日, June 03rd, 2010 | 著者:

Why I’ve left MTN

So I’ve been shopping around in a non-serious fashion in the last few months trying to figure out how best to leave MTN and how get the best deal for me. I don’t like MTN since I became anirate“, as I might call such a customer in the ISP industry. MTN’s Customer-Service Call Centre had rarely been helpful or knowledgeable on their own systems. The final straw however was when their systems let me screw myself over and Customer Service was as helpful as a dead redshirt:

I had a billing issue where, admittedly, it started of my own fault. MTN has a feature where you can call in to find out the amount owing on your account. Only, as Murphy would have it, this amount was しない the amount owing on the account but the last amount that was billed.

So one month my account was about R900. I called the number, mis-heard R500, paid the amount I thought I should: R500. 15 days later MTN suspended my account. No wrong done, right? Wrong.

First off, I received no notification of any kind. An sms would make the most sense, especially since it would cost MTN almost no resources: “Your account xyz is in arrears by R400. Please contact blah blah blah”. They could phone me, they could email me, something, but nothing of the sort happened. Suspend without Prejudice. Thats the best way to get the customer’s attention!

Now, not only could I not make calls and sms’s, I could not receive calls or sms’s. Further, 私 could not even call MTN’s toll free phone number. I had to use someone else’s phone to get to the bottom of the problem. After two days of haggling I finally found a lady kind enough to re-enable the account. Ten days later my salary goes in, I call the same number and hear a number close toR900”. I think to myself maybe I should double-check juuuust in case I mis-heard. I call again, I hear the same number again. Right. Pay the R900. Fifteen days later, my phone is suspended AGAIN. WTH?

Remember what I mentioned earlier?: “this amount was しない the amount owing on the account but the last amount that was billed.” So, in spite of the fact that the voice prompt specifically saysPress 3 for Balance Due; [Presses 3] ; The Total Outstanding Balance is; Nine; hundred; と; #whatever ; Rands; と; #whatever; cents”, I actually owed them R900 plus the R400 that I’d paid short the previous month. しない, I do not know if MTN has fixed this. I no longer care. Since I figured this out I started waiting for paper statements to see how much was actually due. Interestingly, their paper statements were also wrong. Only they had the opposite problem: “This invoice: R1300in spite of the fact that on the next page it says opening balanceR400”, closing balanceR1300”. Pah! Is it fixed? 再び, I don’t care.

I let them know I wasn’t renewing the contract and I’ve now already ported my number away to Virgin Mobile. Because I want to keep my number and port it elsewhere, the store said I could not putunsatisfactory serviceas the reason for ending the contract but that it should simply sayporting”. Apparently by putting anything else there they might notnoticethat I want it ported. WTF.

What next? (without MTN)

In my research I’ve found that contractdealsare most popular. Typically, you can get a R8000 phone for R800 per month over 24 months with R500-odd worth of airtime per month. This amounts to you paying R19 200 over a 24-month period for a phone worth R8000 which will be obsolete within 12 ヶ月. You will get some airtime every month so you might feel its not a complete loss. However you should also remember that it costs the cellular companies nothing when you make those phone calls. 利益.

There’s a better way

There are much cheaper contracts, contracts for between R50 and R200 which include cheapish phonesphones that work damned well as a phone but won’t let you play games on the train. Most of these contracts actually give you the same airtime value (sometimes more!) as what you are paying. So for R100 you might get R100 worth of airtime plus some free sms’s, and a cheapish phone. The best deals I’ve seen recently have all been for the Samsung STAR, an understated but good cell phone, available from a number of retailers for between R100 and R200 per month. In most cases the deals have included the full amount of airtime. Virgin Mobile has probably the best example here: The cost is R199 per month which includes R200 in airtime and 1000 sms’s (はい, you read that rightone thousand!).

Virginal Service All the Way!

Another reason I’ve gone with Virgin Mobile is a little something no other service provider does: AmixedContract/Prepaid facility. I get R200 in airtime however, if I go over that, the extra just gets added to my invoice. With MTN this could go sky high without the option of a limit! With Virgin, because I asked, it has a limit of R300. しかしながら, I can still add prepaid airtime (with cellphone banking, nogal). No other service provider lets you do this!

Remember that R8000 cell phone I mentioned earlier? My plan is to get the Samsung STAR and spend less than R300 per month. I’ll have saved enough money to actually go and buy a more expensive phone (or laptop) with the cash I’ll have saved! もちろん, if you actually use that R800-worth of phone calls, I guess the best available deal is where you spend the R19200 anyway. Maybe at least with a more critical view on your choices you’ll save yourself a good amount of money in future. Good luck in your search for あなたの best deal!

水曜日, April 22nd, 2009 | 著者:

アーチ Linux’s installation process is documented on the Arch wiki. I recommend that persons new to Arch try the excellent Beginner’s Guide instead of the Official Arch Linux Install Guide. Though both wiki entries cover similar ground, the Beginner’s Guide gives a lot more relevant information for those new to the system. The Beginner’s Guide is aimed at desktop installation and, as I’m installing a server, I won’t be going through the installation of the graphical environment at all. Assuming that you’re following my installation, assume that I’ve followed the Beginner’s Guide right up to and including the installation of sudo. I installed the ssh daemon afterwards rather than during the initial setup however.

A few small recommendations and notes regarding installation:

  • If you can, consider using a USB memory stick for the installer and keep it handy for future installations.
  • I keep a copy of my local “倉庫” of installed applications on my installer memory stick. Once installation is finished I save a bit of download and update time by copying this to the new server’s /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ folder. The repository on my desktop is typically 1.7GB
  • For the rc.conf, South African-appropriate regional settings are:
  • I’ve set up the network very simply, according to the guide, and will be expanding on the network setup in a later post.
  • As it is for a server, my non-privileged user on the server is only part of 3 groups: wheel (for sudo), storage, and users. A desktop user will likely be in many more groups.

I prefer using an application called ヨーグルト instead of Arch’s default package manager. Yaourt has the exact same usage syntax as pacman except that it supports a few extra options. It is actually a wrapper application in that it, in turn, uses pacman. 重要なことには, yaourt supports installation of applications from Arch’s AUR. ザ AUR is a repository of installation scripts built by Arch users for Arch users to easily install applications that are not officially supported by the main Arch repositories. Yaourt can download and install applications from AUR or the main repositories with the same command, treating the AUR asjust another repository”. Pacman unfortunately does not support this.

再び, the installation is covered in the wiki. I recommend the easy route mentioned in the wiki if you’re new at Arch. Its too much too soon to do it the hard way (also mentioned in the wiki entry).

When done, update your system by issuing the single command:

yaourt -Syu


pacman -Syu

and follow the given recommendations.

水曜日, 12月31日, 2008 | 著者:

南アフリカで非常に重要なトピックでは、と関係している 火器 と私たちの個人的に私たちの権利 セキュリティー. 誤解しないでください: 私は誰もが負担する権利を持つべきであると信じていないよ バズーカ, M82, または AK-47自動小銃 * – あなたがする必要はありませれない限り 軍隊から身を守る **.

しかしながら, 私は自己防衛を目的として、ある種の武器を所有する権利を持っていると信じています. 私は私が今までしかし銃器を購入したい疑う, いなくても 小さなピストル, しかし、私は考えることを好むだろうと 必要性が生じた場合, 私はまだ権利を持っている.

あり 2 反対側のチーム. プロ銃のチームと抗ガンのチームがあります (プロコントロール). 私はかつてそれは大丈夫だろうと思った, 言う, 我々はわずかな火器が許可されている場所に取り掛かるまで、すべての戦いに勝つためにプロ管理チーム, 非常に厳しい状況で、またはおそらく大きな銃器. 最近, 私の考えではシフトしている. プロ管理チームは、その時点までのすべての法廷闘争に勝利した場合, 彼らは同様に、次の戦いに勝てないと言うと、完全に銃器を禁止するものだ?

私は私が所有する権利を持つべきであると考えているというだけの理由プロ銃チームによ, ことによると, その小さなピストル – のように愚かである私はだろうから 恐らく 権利を行使することはありません. そのほとんど間違いはない無意味しかし. 再び, 私はむしろ権利を持っているし、それを必要としないだろう.

この非常に低いシナリオを描く: あなたは小さなピストルを所有する権利を保護したい; 個人バズーカとガトリング砲は有効です; 法律はバズーカとガトリング砲を違法作り始めるところにある. あなたはプロピストルしていると仮定, あなたは脇に立って、相手チームを聞かせてください (プロコントロール) その法廷闘争に勝つ? 考えるために、その重要な道徳的ジレンマ – そして、あなたはおそらく、あなたの他の政治的信念のすべてに適用されるべき1.


  • 南アフリカは、最も高いを持っている (または番目に高い, あなたが尋ねる人に応じて、) 世界でも犯罪率.
  • 98% 南アフリカの銃関連の犯罪の違法の使用を含む (無免許の) 火器 (すなわち, 銃規制法は適切に銃関連の犯罪を抑制しないでください).
  • 降り続く以前にライセンスの銃器の再ライセンスを必要とする銃器の法律では比較的最近の変化に, CFR (中央銃器登録) 任務されています, の期間 2006 へ 2009, これまでに、以前に個々の年で処理よりも、許可申請は毎年の4倍以上の数を処理する.
  • それは今の間に取り 12 と 24 銃器ライセンスを取得するために数ヶ月.

正直に言うと, 私はこの1で2心のまだだ. 私は非常に私たちの国の銃器を担当するに賛成だ – しかし、私は確かにプロの対照群がこれ以上したくない “進捗”.

多分世界は事を学ぶことができましたか 2 から スイス. 彼らの市民は、19世紀から完全武装してきた – 彼らはまた、外に宿泊している唯一の国だ 世界大戦の両方.

* 自身の銃器を行う人のために, 私 心から あなたが約妄想じゃない願っています 危険. 私はあなたの銃器の自身の金庫から安全な別々に格納されている弾薬を持っている願っています, その内の全員 世帯 理解し、 実際にどのように危険な銃器です.

** 可能性が低い.