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Thursday, September 17th, 2015 | Author:

Privacy, Tempore, Pecuniam

Non amo debitum ordines. Ive 'nunquam gratam idea ut alius entitatem can, ad voluntatem, accipere fere quacunque mole pecuniam meam (bene … quidquid suus 'available). Collega cum demonstratur causa MTN fuisset vitari fuissem usura a debitum ordinem. Maybe in “commoditatem” malum non est simile.

Credo penultimo vis quaeritur utrum fides institutionum commodo (in hoc casu cum vestris nam pecuniam quam) – et si credere non vis deseri commodo. In mea causa, quamvis adhuc mihi conquirere commoditatem, Quam sine fictione didici viam duram cum MTN quod dupliciter potest esse inconveniens habeo vestri connexa mundi reducitur “remota insula” status. Paene omnes hodie ductor commoditatem factor.


Contra, jam multum tempus haberet ago, I had a dispute with Planet Opportunitas ubi commodum fuit duplex gladius anceps. Retuli suis negotiis practice ad Consumer Complaints Commissio (quia re-verat sicut National Consumer Commissio) and never got feedback from them. The gist of the issue is that Planet Fitness’s sales agent lied to me and a friend in order to get more commission/money out of my pocket.

Im ' Inventionem Vitality membrum quod dat multa beneficia, quos possidet reducitur rates super Premium faces – plerumque sanitas-related utique, as Discovery is a Medical Aid/Health Insurance provider. Ut mitteret illud simpliciter, Inventionem quae terribilis. Vitalitatis Christi beneficia operire gym memberships quae ulterius includit Planet Opportunitas. You still have to pay something, parva signum genera, ad Discovery, pro gym membership. Sed, post omnes, Mē esse sani, so they don’t mind footing the bulk of the bill. Sed, apparently, hoc significat Planet Opportunitas’ venditionesque agentia non adepto commissione!

Sic hoc quid consequntur in? Consequens est quod PF est scriptor venditionesque agens dedit mihi inflati figura pro “Vitalitatis-fundatur” membership. Mentitus est ille. Venerat ergo signum in me inflatus punctatum linea pretium “regular” membership (yes, id ipsum magis quam iustam haberet sumptus sociari), ending up about 4 et 5 quantum temporis Vitality dicentur sociari.


Some time in 2011 EGO denique wisened usque ad costs sum existimabat esse reddens. Discovery, certus sum non esset nimium felix circa haec interfecti. Locutus sum ergo ad Procurator ad gym, et factus sum certus quod tota contractus esset scrapped. Non sum unus ad violentiam … nisi ipsius lusum … in an Octanguli … sed post meum 5 saluto ut Procurator ad quare, quaeret, DATUM Ordines adhuc eventuras, non arma mihi, mirari se aiebat mecum Romam. Post pauca visits, Procurator et postulantibus manifestior et reliquit Planet Opportunitas et diligentius exposuerunt me quod “contractus” was between myself and Head Office and that the local gym, videtur libertatem-style operatio, quasi dicat: non modicum demi possit necne. Si caput non dicitur Office, lenta fortuna.

By this point I’d lost it. I had my bank put a prohibere ad ordines debit. It was a huge schlep: I had to contact the bank every month because the debit order descriptions would change ever so slightly. It also cost me a little every couple of months to “iterato” the blocking servitium. Quidni ego feliciorem putem quam fretus ratio suffragatur regularis locutiones sed non oportet quod sciat ea virga.

Technically I’m still waiting on the CCC to get back to me (numquam accidit – et quidem ita, ut supra dictum est quod probabiliter re instituta ceciderunt per rimas). Utique, per id quo PF etiam voluit blacklist me terminis non solverunt!

The inopinatus Heros

A effusas mentionem exitum Inventionis (Vocaverat Cogito de dentist visit) consecuta in callback ab uno Inventionis easque procuratoribus. Deinde quaeritur quaestio depingam, in particulari, et in scriptura, ut ex contextu melius explicare quae acta essent percontarentur. Tenear. Evenit quod rectum non esset “heu nimium felix” circa illam. In facto realiter non placet. About three weeks later, Planet Opportunitas refundi me Domini duplicia pro omnibus semoventibus, quod nunquam antea, et reditus accipiebant.

Inventionem est praecipuus Awesome. 🙂

Friday, September 24th, 2010 | Author:

The upgrade to WordPress 3 was long overdue (as are many draft articles). Surprisingly, nothing looks different since the upgrade has been completed, though I also would not be surprised if I’ve missed an important plugin breakage.

I’ll be spending a day this weekend solely on polishing the site and finishing up some articles. You have something to look forward to. 🙂

Thursday, June 03rd, 2010 | Author:

Why I’ve left MTN

So I’ve been shopping around in a non-serious fashion in the last few months trying to figure out how best to leave MTN and how get the best deal for me. I don’t like MTN since I became anirate“, as I might call such a customer in the ISP industry. MTN’s Customer-Service Call Centre had rarely been helpful or knowledgeable on their own systems. The final straw however was when their systems let me screw myself over and Customer Service was as helpful as a dead redshirt:

I had a billing issue where, admittedly, it started of my own fault. MTN has a feature where you can call in to find out the amount owing on your account. Only, as Murphy would have it, this amount was non the amount owing on the account but the last amount that was billed.

So one month my account was about R900. I called the number, mis-heard R500, paid the amount I thought I should: R500. 15 days later MTN suspended my account. No wrong done, right? Wrong.

First off, I received no notification of any kind. An sms would make the most sense, especially since it would cost MTN almost no resources: “Your account xyz is in arrears by R400. Please contact blah blah blah”. They could phone me, they could email me, something, but nothing of the sort happened. Suspend without Prejudice. Thats the best way to get the customer’s attention!

Now, not only could I not make calls and sms’s, I could not receive calls or sms’s. Further, I could not even call MTN’s toll free phone number. I had to use someone else’s phone to get to the bottom of the problem. After two days of haggling I finally found a lady kind enough to re-enable the account. Ten days later my salary goes in, I call the same number and hear a number close toR900”. I think to myself maybe I should double-check juuuust in case I mis-heard. I call again, I hear the same number again. Right. Pay the R900. Fifteen days later, my phone is suspended AGAIN. WTH?

Remember what I mentioned earlier?: “this amount was non the amount owing on the account but the last amount that was billed.” So, in spite of the fact that the voice prompt specifically saysPress 3 for Balance Due; [Presses 3] ; The Total Outstanding Balance is; Nine; hundred; et; #whatever ; Rands; et; #whatever; cents”, I actually owed them R900 plus the R400 that I’d paid short the previous month. No, I do not know if MTN has fixed this. I no longer care. Since I figured this out I started waiting for paper statements to see how much was actually due. Interestingly, their paper statements were also wrong. Only they had the opposite problem: “This invoice: R1300in spite of the fact that on the next page it says opening balanceR400”, closing balanceR1300”. Pah! Is it fixed? Again, I don’t care.

I let them know I wasn’t renewing the contract and I’ve now already ported my number away to Virgin Mobile. Because I want to keep my number and port it elsewhere, the store said I could not putunsatisfactory serviceas the reason for ending the contract but that it should simply sayporting”. Apparently by putting anything else there they might notnoticethat I want it ported. WTF.

What next? (without MTN)

In my research I’ve found that contractdealsare most popular. Typically, you can get a R8000 phone for R800 per month over 24 months with R500-odd worth of airtime per month. This amounts to you paying R19 200 over a 24-month period for a phone worth R8000 which will be obsolete within 12 mensibus. You will get some airtime every month so you might feel its not a complete loss. However you should also remember that it costs the cellular companies nothing when you make those phone calls. Quaestus.

There’s a better way

There are much cheaper contracts, contracts for between R50 and R200 which include cheapish phonesphones that work damned well as a phone but won’t let you play games on the train. Most of these contracts actually give you the same airtime value (sometimes more!) as what you are paying. So for R100 you might get R100 worth of airtime plus some free sms’s, and a cheapish phone. The best deals I’ve seen recently have all been for the Samsung STAR, an understated but good cell phone, available from a number of retailers for between R100 and R200 per month. In most cases the deals have included the full amount of airtime. Virgin Mobile has probably the best example here: The cost is R199 per month which includes R200 in airtime and 1000 sms’s (yes, you read that rightone thousand!).

Virginal Service All the Way!

Another reason I’ve gone with Virgin Mobile is a little something no other service provider does: AmixedContract/Prepaid facility. I get R200 in airtime however, if I go over that, the extra just gets added to my invoice. With MTN this could go sky high without the option of a limit! With Virgin, because I asked, it has a limit of R300. Tamen, I can still add prepaid airtime (with cellphone banking, nogal). No other service provider lets you do this!

Remember that R8000 cell phone I mentioned earlier? My plan is to get the Samsung STAR and spend less than R300 per month. I’ll have saved enough money to actually go and buy a more expensive phone (or laptop) with the cash I’ll have saved! Utique, if you actually use that R800-worth of phone calls, I guess the best available deal is where you spend the R19200 anyway. Maybe at least with a more critical view on your choices you’ll save yourself a good amount of money in future. Good luck in your search for your best deal!

Monday, April 20th, 2009 | Author:

I’m looking at the South African banking system (partly a result of watching the Zeitgeistdocumentary”) et, after finding my bank implicated most with regards to the SA-Banking Competition Commission wikileaks scandal, I’m putting serious consideration into switching banks.

What ethical banks are out there right now? I’ve even looked into Sharia (Islamic) banking because of their strict ethics laws but even there I’m looking at even more unknowns. I’m not Islamic and I have nothing against funding pork-related activities.

On that note, do you know if your bank has a code of ethics? If they’re public, where can we see these ethics codes?

Tell me about service levels I haven’t heard of before and which bank you believe deserves to handle my money.

Monday, March 16th, 2009 | Author:

Im not gay. But if you’re single, ill marry you

Anon male client to Anon male consultant who went out of his way to help the client out.

If I were the one who helped this client and I got a response like this, I’d feel good about it.