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I had a power outage affect my server’s large md RAID array. Rather than let the server as a whole be down while waiting for it to complete an fsck, Saya telah ia boot tanpa array besar supaya saya boleh berjalan fsck secara manual.

Walau bagaimanapun, when running it manually I realised I had no way of knowing how far it was and how long it would take to complete. This is especially problematic with such a large array. With a little searching I found the tip of adding the -C parameter when calling fsck. I couldn’t find this in the documentation however: fsck –help showed no such option.

The option turns out to be ext4-specific, and thus shows a perfectly functional progress bar with a percentage indicator. To find the information, instead of “fsck –help” atau “man fsck”, you have to inputfsck.ext4help” atau “man fsck.ext4”. 🙂

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    « I couldn’t find this in the documentation however »
    benar-benar!? i see it right here in fsck man page:
    « -C [fd]
    Display completion/progress bars for those filesystem checkers (currently only for ext2 and ext3) which support them. fsck will manage the filesystem checkers so that only one of them will display a progress bar at a time. GUI front-ends may specify a file descriptor fd, in which case the progress bar information will be sent to that file descriptor. »

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    Man pages do change every now and again. 😉

    Ironically, on the system I happen to be logged onto right now, when I type “fsck –help”, it gives the version and nothing else. Le Sigh.

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