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ahad, June 14th, 2009 | Pengarang:

You’re in an intimate relationship with someone. You know that person loves you. That person knows you love them. You’ve said it a thousand times before and today you say it again: “I Love You.

  1. Do you always expect your other half to sayI Love You tooback?
  2. Can you interpret the above as a test of that person’s love?
  3. If your answer to 2 is “ya”, why do you need this affirmation?
  4. If your answer to 1 wasno”:
  • a. What do you expect?
  • b. Why is this?
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rabu, 12 Nov, 2008 | Pengarang:

Ia adalah sebab saya untuk menjadi.

Ini adalah sangat banyak hanya frasa Perancis lama daripada 2 kata-kata saya tahu (dan boleh menyebut sopan). Its also the most meaningful thing I’ve ever said of someone.Who would have thought someone could be so special that you’re willing to set aside everything in your life for them.

P.S. Google doesn’t translate it quite right. Ironically, it translates it correctly back to French.

😛 @ Google

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