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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 | Author:
Who Rules?! Who Made this Awesome Image?!

Who Rules?!

When an artist has released his work (even as Creative Commons) and the IPTC / EXIF data is no longer in the image, how do you find out who the original artist is? All I have here is a difficult-to-read signature. 🙁

Thursday, November 13th, 2008 | Author:

I don’t receive much спам to my mobile phone. I have received random sms’s on occasion aboutspecialoffers and so forth. Someone also once sms’don my behalfto one of those late-night e-tv specials adverts. Every month I receive an enticing message informing me about what I’m missing out on. I wonder though, is there a no-send list I can add myself to at MTN, Vodacom, or Cell-C?

Can any cellular provider list all the companies that have sent you sms’s through bulk sms systems in the last month, на пример? And can I tell my cellular provider to CAN that SPAM without having to send an sms costing me R7.50 with the wordSTOP”? [editturns out this SMS is supposed to be charged at the lowest possible rate. Thanks, Tumbleweed]

Lastly, I’ve heard of these services where you pay to receive content perpetually. Perpetually in that its a service where they assume you want them to charge you R5 every day to send you something. My sister had an issue where she never had airtime. It was because her R20 weekly allowance would be swallowed whole the next day by one of theseserviceswhich sent her a silly picture and deducted R10. Могла је да преузети исту или сличну слику користећи свој рачунар за око 5ц користећи ГооглеС претрага слика и ја бих величине и купиране да стане екран свог телефона савршено без видљивог изобличења или алиасинг. Истовремено, они тврде ауторска права на садржај који је ЛАМЕ. Кладим се они краду слике са Интернета сами ионако.

На крају је било лакше за њу да добије нови припејд број. Ја се само надам да они нису још увек иде да пошаље више садржаја да ко год добије свој стари број после његовог рециклира. 😮