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and my Personal Rating (PR) out of 10 😉

I use фирефок so most of these won’t apply to non-FF users. Међутим, I’d be very very interested to hear what other addons my friends, subscribers, and random websurfers find interesting or useful to them. Have your say and let us know why you love the addons you love. 🙂

Personally, I prefer addons that aren’t intrusive. Ideally, an addon must have a minimal interface and give me a measurable benefit for me to keep it installed.

Cacheviewer – 7

This is a GUI front-end for the Cache Firefox keeps of the last few pages and media. I’ve found this addon more interesting than useful right now so I’m probably going to remove it soon.

ColorfulTabs – 9

I love the colours. The tab colour-grouping doesn’t work very well when you reach about 30 tabs though… :-/

Download Statusbar – 10

I prefer having everything in Firefox in a single window in tabs. Having a download box in a separate window is a big no-no for me. It also saves screen real-estate since it is very minimal. 🙂

Видео ДовнлоадХелпер – 10

Видео ДовнлоадХелпер тражи стреаминг медија – посебно у потрази за било великог садржаја који се преузети. Када кликнете на икону, То вам приказује тренутно-преузимањем токове и даје вам могућност да то куеуе као “нормалан” preuzimanje.

Пошто никад се не зна да ли ФР ће срушити или снага ће се смањити, Ја бих радије да сачувате копију на мој десктоп и онда да видите видео без употребе већи пропусни опсег да поново преузети видео. такође, на послу, када људи шаљу ми линкове на иоутубе или других медија, Обично не смета гледајући до много после – у мојој слободно време или током паузе.

Expiry Canary – 9

Овај уредни и минимална Аддон вам каже, ако ССЛ сертификат за сајт који тренутно гледате ће ускоро истећи. Ако се ваш сајт има ССЛ сертификат, Препоручујем да користите овај аддон да би се избегли ССЛ сертификат вашег сајта је истекао због једноставног недостатка обавештења или лоше комуникације.

Fasterfox – 8

Fasterfox adds some network optmisation options. Some of the options could make your corporate network admin a little mad with you though. 😉

свитац – 9

За веб развоја и експериментисања са стране. Супер за тестирање мале делове кода, као и отклањање грешака странице.

FoxClocks – 6

errtells you the time in other time zones. o.O Was useful for a short timenow its redundant since my head is working it out faster than I can glance. rm -f

ФокиПроки – 9

Супер за преглед одређене странице кроз конкретне сервера проки. This is useful for when some sites are blocked or the Саик Transparent Proxy servers aren’t working properly. 🙂

Ја користим то путем неке саобраћај преко проки сервера да радије не пролазе кроз уобичајене путевима. Its also very flexible. Ако имате више од једног прокси сервера на располагању и онај који обично користите изненада се прескаче, само прећи на следећи. 🙂

Механичар – 10

Right now, I use this only for the GooglemonkeyR скрипта. This script reformats Гоогле‘s search results to your specifications and also has an option to show small thumbnail of the pages Google links to. Greasemonkey can do a lot more and there are plenty of scripts readily available for many many sites.

Live HTTP headers – 8

I’ve used this a few times to diagnose gzip compression issues with IIS web servers. Not much else to say though: It works.

Live PageRank – 10 (so faronly installed it yesterday)

This addon seems simple enough. It gets the PageRank from Google and shows it in the tray.

НоСцрипт – 10

НоСцрипт ис АВЕСОМЕ на блокирање реклама. Његова мало иритира у почетку, јер имате на белу листу свих локација које вам се свиђају – but in the long run it is soooo worth it. 🙂

Ресуррецт Пагес – 10

Врло корисно за ако дођете до места и то се дешава да се спусти. Ако је сајт статичан-усмерен на садржај онда то олакшава да брзо пронађете садржај ако су његова сачувана на мрежи.

Таб Мик Плус – 8

Awesome for if you have more than 7-or-so tabs.

СховИП (using a version modified for work purposesdisplays company server’s canonical name when browsing) – 10

I cannot imagine the hell I’d have to go through to identify a server without this plugin. Okay, I can. Used to have to do this all the time. I eventually scripted it but I can’t find the original script. Here’s my 60-second attempt at recreating what was in that script:

$ cat /etc/hosts | grep `dig A $hostname @mycachingnameserver | grep . | grep -v "^;"`
$ dig -x `dig A $hostname @mycachingnameserver | grep ^$hostname | grep A | \
  awk '/[.]/{print $5}'` @mycachingnameserver | grep . | grep -v "^;"

Web Developer – 9

I used this once to diagnose some issues with a page. I don’t do much web development so I’m going to remove this one. Its no comment on its capabilities since I believe this is a top notch add-on if you’re doing a lot of web development work.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 | Author:

Some of you may already know that I built a home server not too long ago. I documented some of the very important parts of how it was built though I was planning on releasing all the documentation all at once. I was using Arch Linux and I hadn’t nearly finished everything, especially the documentation. На пример, it was supposed to be a media server. After some disk shuffling, it was supposed to end up having a РАИД1 for the boot and RAID 10 for the rest (the media part).

This didn’t work out at all.

I got as far as having an efficientдоброfirewalled) routing gateway server. I was finally satisfied that the customised local routing* was working correctly and I was confident that my tests with DHCP meant I could disable the DHCP service on the flimsy ADSL router and have all my flatmates start using the server as the Internet пролаз. Instead: I was logged in to the server from the office, I’d just installed Apache2**, and I was about to consult with a colleague regarding getting nice graphs put together so the flatmates could all see who was using up the bandwidth***when I noticed a little message indicating that the root filesystem had been remounted read-only due to some or other disk failure.

And then I lost my connection to the server.

And then I gained a foul mood.


When I arrived home, I found that, as I had guessed from the descriptive message given at the office, the (веома) old 80GB IDE disk that I was using for the root filesystem had failed. Unfortunately, the server would never boot again and there was little chance of prying everything off onto another disk to continue where I’d left off.

I’m buying a replacement (САТА) HDD this next weekend just after pay dayand I’ve changed my mind about documenting my progressand backing up my configurations:

Release Early. Release Often.

* ISPs in South Africa charge less (easy price comparison) forlocal-only” (within South Africa) traffic on ADSL but only if you use an ADSL account that CANNOT access web services outside of South Africa. This means that if you want to take advantage of the reduced costs but still be able to access the Internet at large, you need to set up some sneaky routing.

** one-command-install: ~$ yaourt -S apache

*** Internet Access in SA is expensiveyou get charged about R70 ($7 / £4.9 / €5.46) per GB when using ADSL, or about R2 per MB if using GPRS / 3G.