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I don’t receive much spam to my mobile phone. I have received random sms’s on occasion aboutspecialoffers and so forth. Someone also once sms’don my behalfto one of those late-night e-tv specials adverts. Every month I receive an enticing message informing me about what I’m missing out on. I wonder though, is there a no-send list I can add myself to at MTN, Vodacom, or Cell-C?

Can any cellular provider list all the companies that have sent you sms’s through bulk sms systems in the last month, for example? And can I tell my cellular provider to CAN that SPAM without having to send an sms costing me R7.50 with the wordSTOP”? [redigera… turns out this SMS is supposed to be charged at the lowest possible rate. Thanks, Tumbleweed]

Lastly, I’ve heard of these services where you pay to receive content perpetually. Perpetually in that its a service where they assume you want them to charge you R5 every day to send you something. My sister had an issue where she never had airtime. It was because her R20 weekly allowance would be swallowed whole the next day by one of theseserviceswhich sent her a silly picture and deducted R10. She could have downloaded the same or similar picture using her computer for about 5c using GoogleS image search and I’d have sized and cropped it to fit her phone’s screen perfectly with no visible distortion or aliasing. At the same time, they claim copyright on the content which is LAME. I’ll bet they’re stealing the pictures from the Internet themselves anyway.

In the end it was easier for her to get a new prepaid number. I just hope that they’re not still going to send more content to whoever gets her old number after its recycled. 😮

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  1. I also can’t stand spam. Take a look at the WASPA code of conduct. The STOP SMS has to be charged at the lowest rate.

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    On the subject of smses, how annoying are those advertisements getting? You know, crying baby, singing chipmunk. Sometimes displayed one after the other… *ahem ETV*

    I dont condone that shit ey. Its like a bullshit, yet society accepted, attempt to rob from the ignorant and uneducated.

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    You can also check who short codes are registered to in general these are the wasps that send out the messages but at least you could contact them with regards to removing you from their list.

    There is a huge fine for unsolicited messages or breaking the WASPA code. This includes not being able to opt out.

  1. […] Thankfully, it turns out that there is some proper recourse. Thanks to Stefano for pointing me in the right direction. (original post here) […]

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