Thứ ba, January 13th, 2009 | Tác giả:

(20:19:25) Một: was playing WoW on Saturday
(20:19:40) B: yea dude
(20:19:44) Một: They have chat channels similar to IRC, though its specific to the area you’re in
(20:19:52) B: lol
(20:20:01) B: thats kewl
(20:20:05) Một: a guy put inI can like to be wearing… “
(20:20:23) Một: so I replieda jean pant
(20:20:28) B: lol
(20:20:50) Một: and he repliedof ‘n rokkie
(20:21:00) Một: Tôi đã ngã xuống chiếc ghế của tôi

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  1. 1

    Call me stupid but I dont understand

  2. Hehehe. There’s a thorough explanation here:

  3. For the non-Afrikaans speakers, một “rokkieis a skirt. “of ‘n rokkiemeansor a skirt”.

  4. 4

    That’s not funny at all. :/

  5. 5
    Graham P 

    Was thinking of posting it on bash.orgbut nobody outside ZA would understand. I suppose if you don’t realise its ZA-chat, and randomly execute some anglisaans in-jokes, it’s a chair-falling experience.

  6. 6

    I thought that was funnybut then I’m a South African.

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