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Why is it that we’re so gullible?

I even considered for a whole second that my colleague had cross-checked the following SPAM before posting it on our IRL noticeboard. Please note that the following text originally had really bad-for-your-eyes fonts and colours. 😉

Urgent Warning from
Cell C, 沃達康 & MTN!

[business card of aLegal Representativeof the Special Investigating Unit]

Dear All,
If you receive a phone call on your mobile from any person, saying that, he or she is
a company engineer, or saying that they’re checking your mobile line, and you have
to press # 90 或 #09 or any other number.
End this call immediately without pressing any numbers.
There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 或 #09 they can
access your ‘SIM’ 卡並撥打電話公司的費用.
這個消息轉發給盡可能多的朋友,你可以, 停止它.
顯示器 (XALAN) 在屏幕上不接聽電話, 結束通話立即,
如果接聽電話, 你的手機會被病毒感染。.
卡, 這將讓你的手機無法與電話網絡連接. 您
將要新買的手機. 該信息已被證實雙方摩托羅拉

這讓我想到的第一件事情是在頁面的頂部表示權威文本. 現在, 記住,這是一個佈告欄 – not my inbox where my anti-spam senses are at their peak.

Who could possibly have the authority to say they’re sending out a notification on behalf of each of South Africa’s tri-opoly of GSM providers? Okay, so its someSpecialLegal team that sounds government-type. They’re legitit turns 出 – but they probably don’t have enough time to take my call asking if this is all true. Absolutely everything on the Internet must be true, especially anything I say. 😛

So anyway, now that we’re over the silliness, let’s break this hoax down:

Official Documentation

Bar a business card, which is hardly standard in any industry, there is no official contact information. I’d expect at least a letterhead or a misguided trailing disclaimer.

Presentation and Language

There are actually 2 這裡通知關於單獨的威脅,但它是不是很明顯沒有充分閱讀文本. 這是因為分段的能力和語法都很差. 政府機構通常不發出不良的措辭或paragraphed文檔. 還, 為什麼不單獨發布關於各種威脅的單獨通知?

青檸 綠色??? 的Bleh


這種類型的任何警告無疑將提供進一步的信息或宣傳的網上存在 機構. 還, 也許他們會喜歡你給有關情況反饋或者他們希望我們進一步報告可疑活動. 但不是. 無. 只是具體代表的名片. 如果這個傢伙死, 找到一個更好的工作, 或 樹葉 國內?

“有一個詐騙公司 … “

這意味著,他們沒有任何線索是誰. 這是一個廣泛的和被動的聲明. 問每當有人說 “他們” 或 “人誰”. 這是誰 “詐騙公司”? 哪裡 “那裡”? 為什麼沒有這條裂縫政府法律團隊 (誰有權使用鎖子甲傳播警告) 讓我們知道通過其超級強大的連鎖網絡郵件?


我的, 天啊. 這條線可能已在每一個連鎖信 / 社會工程病毒 (我特別的定義) 由於切片麵包.


他們試圖阻止你想為自己和嘗試獨立核實他們的要求. 他們說 “你是愚蠢的檢查. 我們已經檢查了你. :-ð”. 當然, 事實上, 他們只是想利用我們輕信自然的優勢.

“#90 或#09” 和 “XALAN”

沒有任何方法讓你來驗證這個. 再次, 一切問題. 谷歌的結果的第一頁是千瘡百孔的話 “手機報警騙局”. 咄.

如果你從你的朋友們像上面的消息, 回复並告訴他們停止發送垃圾郵件… 也許給他們一個鏈接到這個網頁,讓他們知道為什麼. 🙂

您可以通過,這是一條任何反應 RSS 2.0 飼料. 您可以 留下回應, 或 引用通告 從您自己的網站.

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    A moment of clarity. That person is a f***ing idiot. Fact. 🙂

  3. 3

    My mom reads this blog. o.O


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    I remember at wa, many often used to send them to the office mailinglist. 的Bleh. how annoying.
    Dont worry, f**k is in the dictionary. 🙂

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    quite similar to them petitions against terrible things. ie type your name here and pass it on to everyone you know
    Like it matters.. Oh sure, thats doing your part. C R A I G. Done. 🙂 Ive now saved a million people from starvation.

    You watched that Futurama movie(well thers 3, but i cant recall the particular one) but the one where each one of them falls in the trap of spam? Classic.

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