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星期天, April 19th, 2009 | 筆者:

I think the Internet is a scary place. 是, me. Some days I find myself horrified to find the lowliest of criminal bastards trying to steal our livelihoods.

是, people, there are criminals out there and they want your money or they want to use you to make money. What’s even more scary is the lengths to which they are willing to go, even risking YOU. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

I received an email saying that I was being offered a job as aRegional Assistant” 和, though the details weren’t given, the email suggested that it was a legitimate opportunity. I replied asking about where they’d received my details and also about what they would require of me.

Being the skeptic I am, 我以為我可以發現詐騙者一英里遠. 多麼幸運,我仍然可以 我的想法嗤之以鼻.

幾個小時之後, 他們回答說這表明我會很快得到進一步的說明. 他們會 “大概” 被一個朋友介紹給我,他們有一堆推薦的,因此無法指定哪些朋友已經向我推薦. 我耐心地等待著,它留給我的腦海. “他們可能已經找到了一個很好的候選人已經和我已經失去了”, 我想. “多麼可愛,感興趣的朋友不妨參考我. 很顯然,我真棒。” (和愚蠢 :-/)

所以後來, 我收到我的電子郵件與我 “進一步的說明”. 這是我終於意識到,我正在處理騙子:

你好. 我們想先試任務. 我們的客戶將在本週進行銀行轉帳到您. 請訪問我們的網站 <網站省略> 提交銀行資料的轉印紙會去. 一旦我們建立了良好的交易歷史, 您將收到之間 2-3 每週接送 (關於R10的金額 000 每個除第一試用轉讓).
請確認您可以啟動. 我們不發送任何傳輸到您的帳戶,直到我們收到您的確認.
週一你就會收到通知, 有關轉讓的詳細信息和說明. 謝謝你,有一個可愛的週末.

說什麼??? 我的問題,檢查了網站,並, 毫無疑問, 這是由專業人士做了洗錢計劃. 他們知道自己在做什麼,他們大概每月洗錢數百萬. 更重要的是,, 必將, they will screw you over and get the cops to arrest YOU. These criminals can leave evidence behind implicating you even if all you’ve done is diligently moved money from one place to anotherand kept a small percentage for yourself. 😛

Money laundering is where illegitimate money (stolen, 大概) is transferred via third parties to appear more legitimate. You’re an accessory to the crime and, even worse, you’re even likely to be the victim of it. Recognise when an opportunity is too good to be true. I was fooled for a short while. Next up, given that a victim might give out a lot of personal details, the scammers might steal your identity and start to implicate you in fraudulent activities without you ever having done a thing.

如果你碰巧已經給出任何細節,比如他們想要我的銀行細節上, 與銀行聯絡並告知他們的情況. 他們會給你下一步怎麼做最好的忠告. 如果您已經回复了郵件,但還沒有已經給了他們想要的信息, 不要回复任何進一步. 我也建議致電當地警方進一步諮詢.

星期三, December 31st, 2008 | 筆者:

A very important topic in South Africa is to do with firearms and our rights to our personal 安全. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not in the belief that everyone should have the right to bear a bazooka, M82, 或 AK-47 * – not unless you have to defend yourself against an army **.

但, I do believe that I have the right to own a weapon of some sort for the purpose of self defense. I doubt I’d ever purchase a firearm however, not even a small pistol, but I’d prefer to think that should the need arise, I still have the right.

有 2 opposing teams. There’s the pro-gun team and the anti-gun team (pro-control). I once thought that it would be okay for, say, the pro-control team to win all the battles until we get down to where only small firearms are allowed, or perhaps larger firearms under very strict circumstances. Recently, my thinking has shifted. If the pro-control team wins all the legal battles up to that point, what’s to say they won’t win the next battle as well and outlaw firearms completely?

I’m on the pro-gun team simply because I believe that I should have the right to own, possibly, that small pistolwhich in a way is silly because I’ll 大概 never exercise the right. Its most definitely not pointless however. 再次, I’d rather have the right and not need it.

Picture this highly unlikely scenario: You want to protect your right to own a small pistol; personal bazookas and gatling cannons are legal; legislation is in place to start making bazookas and gatling cannons illegal. Assuming you’re pro-pistol, should you stand aside and let the opposing team (pro-control) win that legal battle? Its an important moral dilemma to think aboutand one that you should probably apply to all your other political beliefs.

Here is some food for thought:

  • South Africa has the highest (or second-highest, depending on who you ask) crime rate in the world.
  • 98% of gun-related crime in South Africa involve the use of illegal (unlicensed) firearms (即, gun control laws do not adequately curb gun-related crime).
  • Due to relatively recent changes in firearms laws requiring the re-licensing of all previously-licensed firearms, the CFR (Central Firearms Register) has been tasked, for the period of 2006 至 2009, to process more than four times the number of license applications each year than ever previously processed in an individual year.
  • It now takes between 12 和 24 months to get a firearms license.

To be honest, I’m still of two minds on this one. I’m very much in favour of being responsible for our country’s firearmsbut I certainly don’t want the pro-control group to make any moreprogress”.

Maybe the world could learn a thing or 2 from the Swiss. Their citizenry has been armed to the teeth since the 19th centuryand they’re also the only country to have stayed out of both World Wars.

* For those who do own firearms, 我 sincerely hope you’re not delusional about the dangers. I hope you have the ammunition stored in a safe separate from your firearm’s own safe, and that everyone in the household understands and respects how dangerous firearms really are.

** Not likely.