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星期一, April 20th, 2009 | 笔者:

I’m looking at the South African banking system (partly a result of watching the Zeitgeistdocumentary”) 和, after finding my bank implicated most with regards to the SA-Banking Competition Commission wikileaks scandal, I’m putting serious consideration into switching banks.

What ethical banks are out there right now? I’ve even looked into Sharia (Islamic) banking because of their strict ethics laws but even there I’m looking at even more unknowns. I’m not Islamic and I have nothing against funding pork-related activities.

On that note, do you know if your bank has a code of ethics? If they’re public, where can we see these ethics codes?

Tell me about service levels I haven’t heard of before and which bank you believe deserves to handle my money.

星期三, April 15th, 2009 | 笔者:

Further to the previous post regarding Amazon, there is chatter from inside Amazon indicating that it was aglitch”. Someone in their French staff miscategorised contentanythingsexualhad itsadultbit switched on.

This would explain why social text books on sexuality and books for the disabled were affected. They’re also stating that there is in fact, no newadult” 政策. PR screwed up royally by not having a straight answer. Was it a glitch? Was it a policy change? Are you going to change your mind tomorrow?

They’re fixing (or have probably fixed) the missing rankings. This still begs for further recourse. I think its funny how they can blame a French staffer. Maybe its a language barrier thingI can’t be sure. On a serious note, I also think its odd that there exists in the first place a feature for censorship which they have no policy for.

What say ye?

They’re still paying dearly. There are already new definitions online for Amazon rank. hehehe.

More at Science Blogs.

星期一, April 13th, 2009 | 笔者:

I believe very strongly that everyone has a right to keep to their own ideals and that those ideals are sacrosanct. Everyone deserves that level of respect and I extend that to include the idea that we’re not limited to heterosexual relationships. Nobody has the right to censor or belittle these ideas. Just to be clear (in case any chicks who think they have a shot with me get doubts), I’m into girls. 😉

I have some lesbian friends who I accept as they are. I don’t judge them because of their way of life and that they don’t date according tonatural laws”. [bad joke] Heh, the only thing I sometimes jab at them is that they’re not very productive for society… [/bad joke]

亚马逊最肯定似乎没有展示,虽然他们任何方面: 在失败的举动, 亚马逊已经实施了 “成人过滤” 政策. 其结果是,他们已经拆了很多的搜索排名 (如果不是全部) 同性恋为主题的出版物,同时留下许多非同性恋的标题不变. 有明确的同性恋情色标题理所当然地被移除 – 然而一切甚至下降到 希瑟有两个妈妈们 被剥夺. WTF? 它的一本儿童读物!

然而, 成人玩具, 花花公子: 完整插页女郎, 润·杰里米: 最勤奋的人在演艺圈 (男性色情明星), Traci阁下: 在这所有。。。之下 (女色情明星), 完整混蛋指南处理小鸡, 与其他同样成年冠军已经幸免.


坦率地说, 即使这样的执行做了 correctly, they’re still not doing it right. It should only affect the public search rankings. Once they’ve fixed this mess, I still want Traci Lords in my logged-in search results. Whoops. Did I say that out loud? 😛

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