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星期四, June 03rd, 2010 | 笔者:

Why I’ve left MTN

So I’ve been shopping around in a non-serious fashion in the last few months trying to figure out how best to leave MTN and how get the best deal for me. I don’t like MTN since I became anirate“, as I might call such a customer in the ISP industry. MTN’s Customer-Service Call Centre had rarely been helpful or knowledgeable on their own systems. The final straw however was when their systems let me screw myself over and Customer Service was as helpful as a dead redshirt:

I had a billing issue where, admittedly, it started of my own fault. MTN has a feature where you can call in to find out the amount owing on your account. Only, as Murphy would have it, this amount was 由于该帐户,但量 持续 这是量 计费.

所以1个月我的帐户约为R900. 我拨通了电话, 误听到R500, 支付的金额我想我应该: R500. 15 天后MTN暂停我的帐户. 无错完成, 对? 错误.

第一关, 我没有收到任何形式的通知. 短信将最有意义, 特别是因为它的成本MTN几乎没有任何资源: “您的帐户xyz是由R400欠款. 请联系等等等等等等”. 他们可以打电话给我, 他们可以给我发电子邮件, 某物, 但这样的事发生. 暂停无偏见. 那是让顾客的注意力的最好方法!

现在, 不仅能我无法拨打电话和短信的, 我无法接听电话或短信的. 进一步, 一世 甚至不能称之为MTN的 免费电话 电话号码. 我只好用别人的手机来找到问题的底部. 经过讨价还价的两天,我终于找到了小姐热情地向重新启用该帐户. 十天后我的工资中去, 我所说的相同数量和接近听到一个数字 “R900”. 我觉得自己也许我应该juuuust的情况下,仔细检查我错听说. 我再次呼吁, 我再次听到了相同数量的. 对. 付R900. 十五天后, 我的手机再次暂停. WTH?

还记得我前面提到的?: “this amount was 由于该帐户,但量 持续 这是量 计费.” 所以, 尽管事实上,语音提示特别说 “按 3 对于到期余额; [压力机 3] ; 未缴余额为; 九; 百; 和; #随你 ; 兰特; 和; #随你; 仙”, 其实,我欠他们R900加上我支付了短前一个月的R400. 不, 我不知道,如果MTN已经修复了这个. 我不再在乎. 因为我想通了这一点,我开始等待文中陈述,看看有多少实际上是由于. 有趣的是, 其文中陈述也是错误的. 只有他们有 相反 问题: “此发票: R1300” 尽管在下一页上说,期初余额的事实 “R400”, 期末余额 “R1300”. 透视! 难道是固定? 再次, 我不在乎.

我让他们知道我没有续约,我现在已经已经移植我的号码客场维珍移动. 因为我要保持我的号码和端口其他地方, 店里说我不能把 “服务欠佳” 为结束合同,但它应该简单地说原因 “移植”. 显然,通过把什么都没有,他们可能不 “注意” 我想将它移植. WTF.

接下来是什么? (没有MTN)

在我的研究,我发现合同 “交易” 最受欢迎. 通常, 您可以通过获得R8000手机R800每月 24 与R500奇值得每月通话费个月. 这相当于给你支付R19 200 在24个月内换了手机值得R8000,这将是中过时 12 个月. 每个月你会得到一些通话时间,所以你可能会觉得它不是一个完全丧失. 然而,你应该还记得,它的成本的移动运营公司没事的时候,你让那些电话. 利润.


有便宜得多合同, R50和R200之间的合同,其中包括cheapish手机 – 那该死的工作,还有一个手机,但手机不会让你玩 游戏 在火车上. 大多数这些合同实际上是给你同样的通话时间价值 (有时更多!) 因为你付出了什么. 因此,对于R100你可能会得到通话费R100值得加上一些免费短信的, 和cheapish电话. 我最近看到最好的交易已经全部为 三星STAR, 低调但好的手机, 可以从一些每月R100和R200之间零售商的. 在大多数情况下,交易已经包括了全额的通话时间. 维珍移动 有可能在这里最好的例子: 费用是每月R199,其中包括在R200和通话时间 1000 短信的 (是的, 你看的没错 – 一千!).


我已经与维珍移动的另一个原因是少了一些没有其他服务提供者: 一个 “杂” 合同/预付设施. 我在通话时间得到R200然而,, 如果我去了那, 额外刚刚被添加到我的发票. 随着MTN这个可以去天空不高的限制选项! 与维珍, 因为我问, 它有R300的限制. 但, 我仍然可以添加预付充值 (用手机银行, 宁). 没有其他的服务提供商可以让你做到这一点!

请记住,我前面提到的R8000手机? 我的计划是让三星STAR和R300相比每月少花. 我就可以节省足够的钱居然去购买更昂贵的手机 (或笔记本电脑) 与现款,我会救! 当然, 如果你真的 使用 该电话的R800价值, 我想最好的交易是你花了R19200反正. 也许至少与你的选择更重要的观点,你会的资金量好保存自己在未来. 在您的搜索好运气 您的 最划算的价钱!

星期三, April 22nd, 2009 | 笔者:

Linux’s installation process is documented on the Arch wiki. I recommend that persons new to Arch try the excellent Beginner’s Guide instead of the Official Arch Linux Install Guide. Though both wiki entries cover similar ground, the Beginner’s Guide gives a lot more relevant information for those new to the system. The Beginner’s Guide is aimed at desktop installation and, as I’m installing a server, I won’t be going through the installation of the graphical environment at all. Assuming that you’re following my installation, assume that I’ve followed the Beginner’s Guide right up to and including the installation of sudo. I installed the ssh daemon afterwards rather than during the initial setup however.

A few small recommendations and notes regarding installation:

  • If you can, consider using a USB memory stick for the installer and keep it handy for future installations.
  • I keep a copy of my local “知识库” of installed applications on my installer memory stick. Once installation is finished I save a bit of download and update time by copying this to the new server’s /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ folder. The repository on my desktop is typically 1.7GB
  • For the rc.conf, South African-appropriate regional settings are:
  • I’ve set up the network very simply, according to the guide, and will be expanding on the network setup in a later post.
  • As it is for a server, my non-privileged user on the server is only part of 3 groups: wheel (for sudo), storage, and users. A desktop user will likely be in many more groups.

I prefer using an application called 酸奶 instead of Arch’s default package manager. Yaourt has the exact same usage syntax as pacman except that it supports a few extra options. It is actually a wrapper application in that it, in turn, uses pacman. Importantly, yaourt supports installation of applications from Arch’s AUR. “ AUR is a repository of installation scripts built by Arch users for Arch users to easily install applications that are not officially supported by the main Arch repositories. Yaourt can download and install applications from AUR or the main repositories with the same command, treating the AUR asjust another repository”. Pacman unfortunately does not support this.

再次, the installation is covered in the wiki. I recommend the easy route mentioned in the wiki if you’re new at Arch. Its too much too soon to do it the hard way (also mentioned in the wiki entry).

When done, update your system by issuing the single command:

yaourt -Syu

pacman -Syu

and follow the given recommendations.

星期三, December 31st, 2008 | 笔者:

A very important topic in South Africa is to do with firearms and our rights to our personal 安全. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not in the belief that everyone should have the right to bear a bazooka, M82, 或 AK-47 * – not unless you have to defend yourself against an army **.

但, I do believe that I have the right to own a weapon of some sort for the purpose of self defense. I doubt I’d ever purchase a firearm however, not even a small pistol, but I’d prefer to think that should the need arise, I still have the right.

有 2 opposing teams. There’s the pro-gun team and the anti-gun team (pro-control). I once thought that it would be okay for, say, the pro-control team to win all the battles until we get down to where only small firearms are allowed, or perhaps larger firearms under very strict circumstances. Recently, my thinking has shifted. If the pro-control team wins all the legal battles up to that point, what’s to say they won’t win the next battle as well and outlaw firearms completely?

I’m on the pro-gun team simply because I believe that I should have the right to own, possibly, that small pistolwhich in a way is silly because I’ll probably never exercise the right. Its most definitely not pointless however. 再次, I’d rather have the right and not need it.

Picture this highly unlikely scenario: You want to protect your right to own a small pistol; personal bazookas and gatling cannons are legal; legislation is in place to start making bazookas and gatling cannons illegal. Assuming you’re pro-pistol, should you stand aside and let the opposing team (pro-control) win that legal battle? Its an important moral dilemma to think aboutand one that you should probably apply to all your other political beliefs.

Here is some food for thought:

  • South Africa has the highest (or second-highest, depending on who you ask) crime rate in the world.
  • 98% of gun-related crime in South Africa involve the use of illegal (unlicensed) firearms (即, gun control laws do not adequately curb gun-related crime).
  • Due to relatively recent changes in firearms laws requiring the re-licensing of all previously-licensed firearms, the CFR (Central Firearms Register) has been tasked, for the period of 2006 至 2009, to process more than four times the number of license applications each year than ever previously processed in an individual year.
  • It now takes between 12 和 24 months to get a firearms license.

To be honest, I’m still of two minds on this one. I’m very much in favour of being responsible for our country’s firearmsbut I certainly don’t want the pro-control group to make any moreprogress”.

Maybe the world could learn a thing or 2 from the Swiss. Their citizenry has been armed to the teeth since the 19th centuryand they’re also the only country to have stayed out of both World Wars.

* For those who do own firearms, 一世 sincerely hope you’re not delusional about the dangers. I hope you have the ammunition stored in a safe separate from your firearm’s own safe, and that everyone in the household understands and respects how dangerous firearms really are.

** Not likely.