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Further to the previous post regarding Amazon, there is chatter from inside Amazon indicating that it was a “glitch”. Someone in their French staff miscategorised content – anything “sexual” had its “adult” bit switched on.

This would explain why social text books on sexuality and books for the disabled were affected. They’re also stating that there is in fact, no new “adult” policy. PR screwed up royally by not having a straight answer. Was it a glitch? Was it a policy change? Are you going to change your mind tomorrow?

They’re fixing (or have probably fixed) the missing rankings. This still begs for further recourse. I think its funny how they can blame a French staffer. Maybe its a language barrier thing – I can’t be sure. On a serious note, I also think its odd that  there exists in the first place a feature for censorship which they have no policy for.

What say ye?

They’re still paying dearly. There are already new definitions online for Amazon rank. hehehe.

More at Science Blogs.

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