Indispensable Tools

Google Chrome – 10/10

This browser just works so much better than the others: It is faster and more stable.

Firefox (see further below regarding addons) – 10/10

Firefox, though not as populare as Google Chrome, is still King of customisation. It is a close second for me.

KeePass – 10/10

I use KeePass to keep my passwords saved, encrypted, stored outside of 3rd-party control.

btsync – 10/10

Indispensable replacement for Dropbox. It is freemium – though I don’t have a pressing need to use the Pro Edition, if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for it.

Steam – 10/10

Where else would you have your library of games?

FastCopy – 9/10

This is a Windows tool to help serialise copy/move operations. I moved over to it when TeraCopy had consistent issues with 64bit. It only loses points for having a cluttered UX

btrfs – 9/10

The btrfs filesystem has saved me and my data on numerous Linux systems. It does take some learning – but the effort is worth it.

Chrome Addons:

Ban checker for Steam – 10/10

Boards for Trello – 10/10

Scrum for Trello – 10/10

Projects for Trello – 8/10

ScriptSafe – 8/10

Auto Refresh – 10/10

Firefox Addons:

Download Statusbar – 10/10

I prefer having everything in Firefox in a single window in tabs. Having a download box in a separate window is a big no-no for me. It also saves screen real-estate since it is very minimal. 🙂

Expiry Canary – 9/10

This neat and minimal addon tells you if the SSL certificate for the site you’re currently viewing is soon going to expire. If your own site has an SSL certificate, I recommend you use this addon to help avoid your site’s SSL certificate expiring due to a simple lack of notification or miscommunication.

Firebug – 9/10

For web development and experimentation with pages. Awesome for testing little bits of code as well as debugging pages.

FoxyProxy – 8/10

Awesome for browsing specific pages through specific proxy servers. This is useful for when some sites are blocked or there is breakage for in a Transparent Proxy server. 🙂

I use this to route some traffic over proxy servers that I’d rather not go through default routes. It is also very flexible. If you have more than one proxy server available and the one you usually use suddenly goes on the blink, just switch over to the next one. 🙂

Greasemonkey – 10/10

Greasemonkey adds flexibility. There are many available scripts online to customise pages.


NoScript – 9/10

NoScript is AWESOME at blocking adverts. Its a little irritating at first since you have to whitelist all the sites you like – but in the long run it is very worth it. 🙂

Resurrect Pages – 10/10

Very useful for if you browse to a site and it happens to be down. If the site is static-content-oriented then this makes it easy to quickly find the content if its cached online.

Screengrab – 8/10

Screengrab is a simple screenshot addon which grabs a screenshot of the entire web page you’re viewing, even if it is larger than your screen size. I mostly use it so that I don’t have to crop the screenshot later on.

ShowIP (I was using a version modified for work purposes which displayed company server’s internal name when browsing) – 10/10

There’s hell to go through without this plugin if you want to identify a server. I used to have to do this all the time.

Tab Mix Plus – 8/10

Awesome tab management for if you have more than 7-or-so tabs.

Video DownloadHelper – 9/10

Video DownloadHelper looks for streaming media – specifically looking for any large content that is being downloaded. When you click on the icon, it shows you the currently-downloading streams and gives you the option to queue it as a “normal” download.

Since you never know if FF is going to crash or the power is going to cut, I’d prefer to save a copy to my desktop and I can then view the video without using more bandwidth to download the video again. Also, at work, when people send me links to youtube or other media, I usually don’t bother watching till much after – at my own leisure or during a break.