This page is full of little (and not-so-little) scripts. Some of the work below is poorly written but useful nonetheless. When I update a script, I’ll bump it to the top. Unless otherwise stated, these scripts are copyright Brendan Hide and available under the GPLv3 license.

I’ve made all these scripts more easily downloadable at

digx – get the reverse records that correspond with a hostname (ie, get A records then get PTR records for those A records).

digall – dig by asking the SOA/NS server for authoritive non-cached results

dig-x – dig specifically for a reverse/PTR record

dim – minimal DNS lookup results

mydigns – specify a DNS server as used by other dig scripts – used by some of my other scripts

authcheck – bash – basic http accessibility check

pidofp – gives the process id (pid) of the application’s parent

rd(|c) – remote desktop scripts to log into a Microsoft Windows Server

diga – dig specifically for an A record